Below are pdfs of many of the presentations given at the OxHA Summit ’09.

Morning sessions

Welcome and introduction, Professor David Matthews, OxHA Board Member: click here >>

Session 1: The three risk factors

Chair: Dr Fiona Adshead, Director, Chronic Diseases and Health
Promotion, WHO: click here >>

  • Tobacco: Samira Asma, CDC Global Tobacco Control Office on Smoking and Health, USA: presentation coming soon
  • Diet: Susan Jebb, MRC Head of Nutrition: click here >>
  • Physical activity: Dr Michael Pratt, Chief, Physical Activity and Health Branch, CDC: click here >>
Session 2: Research

Community Interventions for Health
Methodology, early results and lessons learned

  • Dr Denise Stevens and Fiona Wong, MATRIX Public Health Solutions, and Professor K.R. Thankappan, Sree Chitra Tirunal Institute, India: click here >>

Ovations Chronic Disease Initiative

  • Dr Richard Smith, Executive Director, Ovations Chronic Disease Initiative: click here >>
  • Professor Alejandro Cravioto, Executive Director, ICDDR,B, Bangladesh: click here >>

Afternoon sessions

Session 3: Action in progress

The polypill story

  • Professor Denis Xavier, St John’s Research Institute, Bangalore: click here >>
  • Dr Anthony Rodgers, Professorial Fellow, George Institute for International Health, Australia: click here >>

International NGOs

  • Dr Tom Glynn, Cancer Science and Trends Director, International Cancer Control, American Cancer Society: click here >>
  • Ms Ann Keeling, CEO, International Diabetes Federation: click here >>

What role is industry playing?
Contributions from the food, insurance and pharmaceutical industries

  • Mr Jonathan Horrell, Director of Corporate Affairs, Kraft Foods UK and Ireland, and business4Life steering committee member: click here >>
Session 4: Resources

Trends in spending on chronic diseases relative to other global health issues

  • Dr Rachel Nugent, Center for Global Development, Washington, DC: click here >>

Grand Challenges / Global Partnership
Progress on the Grand Challenges and global engagement

  • Professor Stig Pramming: click here >>