Summit Programme

The agenda for the 2008 OxHA Summit, ‘Building a healthy future: chronic disease and our environment’, can also be found on OxHA’s interactive website, 3FOUR50, along with video footage of the event.

Note: Many of the presentations from the Summit are available here >>

Day 1: Monday 25 February – The issues

09:00 Welcome ceremony and acknowledgement of traditional owners of the land

09:20 Official opening

09:30 Where have we been? Review of OxHA activities and achievements, including Grand Challenges and Community Interventions for Health

10:00 Why are we here? Introduction of Summit programme

10:10 Expectations: Delegates discuss the meeting objectives and Table Captains feed back each Table Team’s vision for the Summit

10:45–11:15 Morning break

11:15 The Sydney Resolution: Presentation of the draft call to action on chronic disease for consideration by delegates

11:30 Keynote presentations by Srinath Reddy and Jean-Christophe Fotso

12:15 Reality check

  • A panel of opinion leaders comment on the politics and possibilities of achieving the changes called for in the Sydney Resolution and the Grand Challenges

13:00–14:00 Lunch

14:00 Participants’ response to the Sydney Resolution, Grand Challenges and issues laid out in the keynote presentations

14:45 Fit City Vignette by Fit City Competition winners (click here >> for Fit City website)

15:15–15:40 Afternoon break

15:40 Strategy Think-Tank: Healthy Places

  • Issue: Making our environment a healthy and sustainable place to live in

17:00  Close of Day 1

Day 2: Tuesday 26 February – Strategy

08:15 Book launch: Public Health in Asia and the Pacific

09:00 Introduction to the day’s programme

09:15 Strategy Think-Tank: Healthy Food

  • Issue: Making healthy food available, affordable and profitable

10:30–11:00 Morning break

11:00 Anna Rubbo’s Global Studio

11:10 Strategy Think-Tank: Healthy Business

  • Issue: Engaging business in the healthy people, places, planet agenda

12:30–14:00 Lunch

14:00 Strategy Think-Tank: Healthy Public Policy:

  • Issue: Enhancing the effectiveness of global and national governance for health

15:15–15:45 Afternoon break

15:45 Best buys for chronic diseases: What constitutes a good buy

16:00 Best buys auction: Table Teams discuss merits and disadvantages and ‘bid’ on big ticket items.

16:50 Summary of the day’s deliberations and preparation for the last day

17:00 Close of Day 2

Day 3: Wednesday 27 February – Capacity and tactics

09:00 Recap of strategies and priorities for action from Day 2

09:20 Promoting health: scene setting for the day’s task

09:30 What the world needs now………. Action

  • Panel and plenary discussion on the possibilities and politics of mobilising: funding, technical capacity, advocacy and political will to implement the Sydney Resolution & Grand Challenges.

10:30–11:00 Morning break

11:00 The Tally Room: Table Teams to rate the various strategies and select targets for 2008–2009

12:00 Summary of proceedings and final draft of the Sydney Resolution and priorities for action

12:10 Where to from here? OxHA’s commitment to follow through

12:20 Closing remarks

12:30 Close of the Summit