Summit 08

The Oxford Health Alliance has now held five annual summits to bring together a diverse group of stakeholders to confront the global epidemic of chronic disease. The most recent summit was held in Sydney, Australia (25–27 February 2008) on the theme of ‘Building a healthy future: chronic disease and our environment’.

Each day, we produced two video news bulletins, highlighting the main discussions and debates that took place throughout the three days. They are streamed on 3FOUR50 – click here >> (and then click on ‘Video Bulletins’ in the bar at the foot of the page).

The Summit delivered a global call to action, the Sydney Resolution: click here >>

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Building a healthy future: chronic disease and our environment

The global epidemic of chronic disease makes it urgent and necessary to rethink the way we live. Not only are our actions affecting human health – they also have an impact on the health of our environment.

Growing environmental concerns are prompting a redesign of cities – now home to more than half the world’s population. We should ensure that any changes to the urban environment also improve our health and prevent heart disease, cancer, diabetes and chronic lung disease.

The OxHA Summit ’08 considered the collective response needed to safeguard the health of people, places and planet. A wide group of participants – including leading thinkers and activists from health, design, business, government, the professions and civil society – will come together to address solutions. There were 141 participants from around the world.

A call to action

The meeting delivered a global call to action – the Sydney Resolution (known as the ‘Sydney Challenge’ in its draft form) – to inspire corporations, governments, financial institutions, donor agencies and others to build a healthy future. The Resolution has been informed and shaped by collaboration that began in September 2007, well in advance of the meeting, and incorporated the perspectives of a diverse group of stakeholders, representing different cultures and age-groups.

The Sydney Resolution can be seen here >>

Summit programme

At the Summit, there was a dynamic mix of presentations, dialogue and debate around issues including designing healthy workspaces, food systems, policies and regulation.

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OxHA is grateful for the sponsorship for the Summit, received from:

  • Australian Department of Health and Ageing
  • Novo Nordisk Australia
  • NSW Health Department
  • American Cancer Society
  • Diabetes Australia
  • Cancer Council of Australia
  • National Heart Foundation of Australia
  • Stroke Foundation, Australia
  • MBF Australia

If your organisation is interested in sponsoring future OxHA Summits, please email us >>