Media Coverage

There was significant media coverage of the 2006 Annual Summit, ‘Health in transition: working together’, including on the BBC World Service’s Health Check programme (see 26 November, below) and the Associated Press (see 29 November, below).

20 November
  • South African Press Association (newswires), ‘Expert warns on chronic disease’
  • Mail & Guardian, South Africa (online), ‘Health expert gives chronic disease warning’
  • Independent Online, South Africa (online), ‘Expert sounds warning about chronic diseases’
  • The Voice of the Cape, South Africa (radio and online), ‘Experts warn on chronic disease’
  • South Africa Broadcasting Corporation (radio), Derek Yach and Anthony MBewu interviewed
  • Cape Talk, South Africa (radio), Priscilla Reddy interviewed
21 November
  • Business Day, South Africa (print and online), ‘Chronic diseases the “new killers”’
  • Cape Times, South Africa (print), ‘Preventable diseases are the “world’s number one killer”’
  •, South Africa (online), ‘Ignore your health at your own peril’
  • Independent Online, South Africa (online), ‘Death not always inevitable’ (click here >> for a link to the article)
22 November
  • Cape Talk, South Africa (radio and online), Stig Pramming and Krisela Steyn interviewed
  • Cape Times, South Africa (print), ‘Wellness, not sickness in future’
  • Ghana Web (online), ‘Health experts meet on chronic diseases’ (click here >> for a link to the article)
23 November
  • Cape Times, South Africa (print), ‘Need to cut high costs of lifestyle illness “may outweigh free choice”’
  • The Mercury, South Africa (print), ‘Should government step in when we live badly?’
  • Ghana News Agency (newswires), ‘African governments urged to invest in health’
24 November
  • Business Ghana (online), ‘African governments urged to invest in health’
  • Republic of Ghana official government website, ‘African governments urged to invest in health’
  • NAM News Network, Malaysia (online), African governments urged to invest in health
25 November
  • Daily Graphic, Ghana (print), ‘Invest to prevent chronic diseases’
26 November
  • BBC World Service Radio, Health Check programme (radio), Anthony MBewu interviewed (click here >> for a link to the programme)
29 November
  • Associated Press, story on ‘Africa faces growing obesity problem’ (click here >> for the story). This was picked up by over 100 sites, including NY Times online,, International, CBS News online and Le Nouvel Observateur online (click here >> for a link to the NYT online story).