Working Group 3: Summary

Working Group 3 discussed ‘patient power’.

This working group discussed the paper by Erik Rasmussen and Josefine Volqvartz, ‘Entering the health age: new approach to fighting chronic diseases’.

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The initial presentation of the working paper was given by Erik Rasmussen. The facilitators for the working group were Ruth Colagiuri and Edna Kissmann.

Ruth Colagiuri provided feedback on the discussion groups.

How can the paper be improved?
  • The comments on the paper itself mainly concerned the focus of the document.
  • It was felt that the paper was scoped too much around a segment of western societies, although there are some generic elements.
  • There was discussion on the lack of clarity over the concept of ‘the patient’ – is it about people who are currently ill, or is it a term that covers potential patients (i.e.  whether it is about prevention)? Clearly, the paper is in fact about prevention – although is that the way to go?
  • There was discussion on whether the focus of the paper should be narrowed to hone in on specific diseases. However, this was rejected – there are generic elements that cover many diseases, most notably the information gap between providers and patients.
  • These new concepts need a new language to talk about them – not only in this paper, but in the wider sphere.
  • The paper was felt to be aspirational – both inspirational and ahead of its time.
How do we move forward, using the information in the paper?
  • The paper could be used to encourage health insurers to incorporate a more patient-focused approach.
  • How could this be published in a format that is accessible and relevant to the public?
What do we want OxHA to do?
  • Specific, measurable goals need to be set for the year – for example, guiding principles could be developed around the information gap between patients and providers.
  • Look at systematically identifying some of the innovation and models in this area and presenting at the next meeting, so that they can be taken away and replicated.
  • OxHA could provide summaries of the material.
  • There was a consensus that the revolution will not come from within the health system – and the medical system will be very resistant. Could OxHA start a campaign/programme to deliver the message directly to the health professionals?