’05 Presentations

Click on the list below for the PDF files of the presentations from the ’05 annual meeting.

Keynote address

The crisis in cardiology affecting preventive strategies
Bernard Lown (Lown Cardiovascular Center and Research Foundation)

Research in action

Strengthening the information base for health systems and chronic disease
Alan Lopez (University of Queensland) and Chris Murray (Harvard University)

Spreading the fat: the good and bad news

Normalisation of obesity in the United States (avoiding America’s mistakes)
Kelly Brownell (Rudd Center for Food Policy and Obesity)

China: chronic diseases dominate today!
Liming Lee (Academy of Medical Science/Peking Union Medical College) – presentation given by Derek Yach

Preventive healthcare and chronic disease in America
Steve Bodhaine (Yankelovich Inc.)

The CAPCoD initiative

CAPCoD projects (introduction)
Mahmood Adil (CAPCoD)

Community-based lifestyle coaches for chronic disease prevention

Theresa Hicks (Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium)

Multinational comprehensive community program: multi-setting CAPCoD

Charles Baum (Alexian Brothers Hospital Network)

‘Joining hands for healthy schools’

Business into action

Changing the image of fast food
Dick Crawford (McDonald’s)

The business case for prevention

Jim Fries (Healthtrac)

Berkeley and the Yale Sustainable Food Project: a student perspective
Sarah Milby (Yale University)

Entering the health age

Erik Rasmussen (House of Monday Morning)

Closing presentation

The call to action

Derek Yach (Yale University)