The SmokeScreen (2010)

Denis Anthony

The SmokeScreen is an initiative designed to deter smoking in young people in Leicester schools. It is a collaboration between the Oxford Health Alliance, De Montfort University and NHS Leicester City.

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Chronic Disease: An Economic Perspective (2006)

Marc Suhrcke, Rachel A. Nugent, David Stuckler and Lorenzo Rocco

This major report, commissioned by the Oxford Health Alliance, demonstrates that non-communicable diseases (NCD) are having a negative economic impact on both the developed and developing world. It calls for recognition of cost-effective interventions and for both international and national policy change.

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Tough choices: investing in health for development (2006)

WHO Commission on Macroecomonics and Health

This report examines the issues and challenges for improving investment in health planning in different countries. It presents policy implications and guidelines for national policy-makers and development partners. The Oxford Health Alliance was invited to write an annex entitled ‘Chronic disease: the call to action’.

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