Journals and Magazines

Below are listed journal and magazine articles written by or referencing OxHA.


‘The Oxford Health Alliance (OxHA): prevention is the name of the game’, European Heart Journal 30(11): 1291, 3 June 2009.

Article based on an interview with SIr John Bell on strategies to tackle global disease, focusing primarily on the work of OxHA.

Change4Life campaign, letter in The Lancet, 28 February 2009.

  • This letter by Christine Hancock is a response to an editorial in the 10 January issue of The Lancet.
  • Click here for the text and here for a link to the letter in The Lancet.

‘Fitter, healthier staff are best for business’, from ‘Changing the Future of Diabetes’, a supplement by Raconteur Media, published with The Times, 14 November 2008

  • Article based on an interview with Christine Hancock, highlighting the workplace as an important venue for health promotion.
  • Click here for a link to the article and here for a link to the supplement.

‘”Dramatic” rise in number of companies measuring staff wellbeing’, Human Resources magazine online, 8 October 2008

  • Article written following Business in the Community’s event to celebrate a year of its Business Action on Health initiative, at which Christine Hancock spoke on the importance of workplace health around the world.
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‘Head to Head: Should we use regulation to demand improved public health outcomes from industry? – No’, by Stig Pramming, BMJ, 2 October 2008

  • This head-to-head pits Stephen Sugarman (who argues that setting targets for companies will produce innovative solutions) against Stig Pramming (who believes collaboration is the best way to improve health).
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  • The BMJ article is also referenced in (3 October): click here.

The Fit City competition was featured in the UK Department of Transport’s Smartmoves magazine in October 2008.

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‘Don’t forget to nurse No.1! Health minister supports QNI campaign’, QNI News – the newsletter of the Queen’s Nursing Institute, Spring 2008

  • Article on the Nursing No. 1 campaign, which is supported by OxHA. Includes a photograph of the team Nordic Walking.
  • Click here to a link to the newsletter

Series of articles in the Medical Journal of Australia by Ruth Colagiuri, Stig Pramming et al.

  • Click here for articles in MJA, 3/17 December 2007

‘The economic impact of chronic disease on developing countries’, eGov Monitor (online), 10 December 2007

Global interest in addressing non-communicable disease’, Lancet, 8 December 2007

  • Letter by Denise Stevens and Karen Siegel (Community Interventions for Health) and Richard Smith, noting the importance of addressing chronic diseases while there is still time, through initiatives such as Ovations and CIH
  • Click here for a link to the letter

Grand challenges in chronic non-communicable diseases’, Nature, 450:494 (22 November 2007)

  • This article by Daar et al. gives the results of a delphi study to find the top 20 policy and research priorities for conditions such as diabetes, stroke and heart disease.
  • Click here to read the article.

‘The tide might be turning’, Bulletin von Medicus Mundi Schweiz, no. 106, November 2007 (online)

  • Article by Derek Yach and Stig Pramming, highlighting developments that suggest the tide might be turning in favour of sustainable support for chronic disease prevention.
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‘We must make healthy choices the easy choices’, Independent Nurse, August 2007

  • Article by Christine Hancock on the role of nurses in raising awareness of chronic disease risk factors.
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‘Enfermedades cronicas: Prevencion y control en las Americas’, newsletter of the Pan American Health Organisation, July 2007, Vol. 1, No. 7

  • Article highlighting OxHA’s report on the economics of chronic disease (click here for the report, published 2006)
  • Click here for the newsletter (in Spanish)

‘Global partnership formed to address chronic disease’, Global Health Matters (newsletter of the Fogarty International Center), May 2007

  • Article on the Ovations project, refencing OxHA’s involvement
  • Click here for the newsletter (see p.1)

‘No fit state to be in’, Planning Magazine, 6 April 2007

  • Article exploring the link between the urban environment and health and the role planners play, citing Christine Hancock.
  • Click here for the article.

‘Soft drinks and hard challenges’, American Journal of Public Health (online), 3 April 2007

  • Letter by Karen Siegel and K.M. Venkat Narayan about soft-drink consumption and citing OxHA as an example of an NGO working to bring all stakeholders together.
  • Click here for a link to the letter.

‘Healthy choices’, The Economist (online), 6 March 2007

  • Letter by Stig Pramming about the importance of government action in encouraging healthy choices
  • Click here for the letter
  • Click here for a link to The Economist

‘Oxford Health Summit’, Heart Beat (online journal of the World Heart Federation), December 2006 / January 2007

  • Click here for the journal article

‘Hey, insurers: a gym membership is cheaper than Avandia’, Business Week, 24 October 2006

  • Letter from Stig Pramming, noting the failure of insurance companies to prioritise prevention rather than medication.
  • Click here for a link to Business Week Online
  • Click here for the letter

‘Rising to the global challenge of the chronic disease epidemic’, The Lancet, 22 September 2006

  • Comment piece by Lois Quam, Richard Smith and Derek Yach, on chronic disease and in particular the announcement made by Ovations (at the Clinton Global Initiative) to develop a network of Centres of Excellence in developing countries. It also encourages partnering with chronic disease initiatives such as OxHA.
  • Click here for the article
  • Click here for the link to The Lancet

‘Beating diabetes’, Oxford Today 18(3), Trinity (August) 2006

  • A story around Professor David Matthews and his work at OCDEM, which also introduces OxHA and its approach to tackling chronic disease.
  • Click here for a link to the article

‘The Oxford Health Alliance: old problems, new approaches’, Medical Journal of Australia 184(4): 148, February 2006 (Stephen R. Leeder and Ruth Colagiuri)

  • An introduction to OxHA
  • Click here for the article

‘A new alliance against diabetes and chronic disease’, Diabetes and Primary Care 7(4) Winter 2005 (Stig Pramming and David Matthews)

  • An introduction to OxHA
  • Click here for a link to the journal

‘Tackling diabetes epidemic involves everyone’, The Pharmaceutical Journal, 12 November 2005

  • Brief report on OxHA’s forum marking World Diabetes Day 2005
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