Books and Reports

Below are listed books and reports written by, or referencing, OxHA.


‘Healthy choices in hospital vending machines and canteens?’, International Hospital Federation Reference Book 2007-2008 (February 2008)

  • This article by Christine Hancock, Katy Cooper and Karen Siegel is a call to action to create healthier food environments.
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‘Tackling tobacco’: multi-stakeholder approaches to a global health crisis’, Commonwealth Health Ministers’ Book 2007 (May 2007)

  • Article in annual Commonwealth Health Ministers’ Book by Christine Hancock and Katy Cooper
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Nigel Crisp (for DFID), Global Health Partnerships: The UK Contribution to Health in Developing Countries (February 2007)

  • OxHA cited on p 36, in the chapter ‘Health and health services in developing countries’
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Marc Suhrcke, Rachel A. Nugent, David Stuckler and Lorenzo Rocco (for OxHA), Chronic Disease: An Economc Perspective (November 2006)

  • Major OxHA report on the economics of chronic disease, focusing particularly on developing countries.
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Guy Barnett (ed.), The Millennium Disease: Responses to Australia’s Obesity Epidemic (November 2006)

  • Chapter by Stig Pramming, ‘Obesity and chronic disease’
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WHO Commission on Macroeconomics and Health, Touch Choices: Investing in Health for Development (April 2006)

  • Annex by OxHA, ‘Chronic disease: the call to action’
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