Seminars & Meetings


OxHA representatives attend meetings and give presentations on the risk factors and chronic disease prevention throughout the year.

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Below are listed some of the major meetings in which OxHA has participated.

  • Christine Hancock addressed the Conservative Party (UK opposition party) Spring Conference session on Public health and personal responsibility (March 2007). For more information, click here >>
  • Launch of a Danish patient reform report, The Users’ Healthcare System – Suggestions for Patient Reform (January 2007). For more information, click here >>
  • Invitation-only consultation with the Prime Minister’s Office on ‘The role of government in improving the health of the public’, held at 10 Downing Street  (July 2006). For the expert paper written by Christine Hancock, following this event, which informed a major speech by Tony Blair on public health, click here >>
  • ‘Healthy living’ seminar, held at 11 Downing Street as part of a Smith Institute series on ‘Your good health’ (November 2005). For more information on the presentation given by Stig Pramming, click here >>

The Australian Health Policy Institute (University of Sydney) held a series of three Oxford Health Alliance seminars in 2006.
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The seminars were held in conjunction with the Oxford Health Alliance and with an unrestricted grant from Novo Nordisk.

  • Policy Responses to Contemporary Health Issues: Sustainability (23 May 2006)
  • Occupational Health and Safety (16 August)
  • New Models of Primary Prevention: How Well do they Translate into Action? (20 September)
Seminar 3 – New Models of Primary Prevention: How Well do they Translate into Action?

20 September 2006

Chronic diseases pose the greatest present and future threat to global health. Many lifestyle and environmental factors such as smoking, inappropriate diet, and sedentary living increase the risks.  But chronic diseases are open to prevention. This seminar will explore current models of primary prevention and will discuss how well they translate into action

Speakers and topics
Chair: Dr Rob Moodie (Chief Executive Officer, VicHealth – Victorian Health Promotion Foundation)

Experiences from obesity prevention

  • Professor Boyd Swinburn (Chair in Population Health, School of Exercise & Nutrition Sciences, Deakin University)

The contribution of pharmaceutical products >>

  • Emeritus Professor Stewart Truswell AO (Chairman, Nutrition Research Foundation, University of Sydney)

Professor Ian Caterson (Boden Professor of Human Nutrition at the University of Sydney) and Mr Ross O’Donoughue (Director, Health Improvement, ACT Health) joined the seminar as discussants.

Seminar 2 – Occupational Health and Safety

16 August 2006
In a world where chronic illness is the dominant problem, how should occupational health and safety policy be conceived, what values should inform it, what pragmatic possibilities exist for health gain in developing economies through such policy?  How can the interests of employer, employee and state be balanced in a global economy?

Speakers and topics
Chair: Professor Bruce Armstrong (Director of Research, Sydney Cancer Centre and Professor of Public Health and Medical Foundation Fellow at the University of Sydney)

Will the real OHS policy stand up please!

  • Dr Yossi Berger (National Occupational Health and Safety Unit Director, The Australian Workers’ Union)

OHS research and education in Australia – the view from inside >>

  • Dr Tim Driscoll (Senior Lecturer, Epidemiology, Occupational Medicine, Public Health, Injury Prevention and Control, University of Sydney)

Employer engagement in employee lifestyle and health risk management >>

  • Dr Kim Hobbs (Well-being Services and Health Benefits Director, IBM Asia Pacific)

Mr Malcolm Tulloch (NSW State Organiser, Construction, Forestry & Energy Union) also joined the seminar as a Discussant.

Seminar 1 – Policy Responses to Contemporary Health Issues: Sustainability

23 May 2006

This seminar investigated whether it is possible to find a compatible path between the health gains of development and the health losses of development – for example, the pandemic of illness associated with smoking, eating too much and exercising too little. And, if so, what is the responsibility of the health professions in this matter?

Speakers and topics

Chair: Associate Professor Ruth Colagiuri (director, The Diabetes Unit, AHPI)
The human race: extinction or a sustainable future? >>

  • Emeritus Professor Bob Douglas (chair, Australia 21)

Environmental change and risks to human health: why ‘sustainability’ matters >>

  • Professor Tony McMichael (director, National Centre for Epidemiology and Population Health, Australian National University)

How should public health respond to the challenge of sustainability? >>

  • Professor Stephen Leeder (director, Australian Health Policy Institute at the University of Sydney and co-director of the Menzies Centre for Health Policy).