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Below are listed articles about OxHA from news media, 2005 to the present.


A tax on junk food will help offset those looming NHS cuts, Sunday Times, 14 June 2009.

  • Article citing Christine Hancock: ‘To me the phrase “public health” had come to mean “public nuisance”. However, my mind was changed by Christine Hancock, a former senior nurse and NHS manager and now European director of the Oxford Health Alliance, an international public health charity….’

Call to invest in workers’ health, Financial Times, 30 March 2009.

  • Article about Healthy Work, a report by Bupa in which OxHA is a partner.
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The OxHA Summit, ‘Building a healthy future: chronic disease and our environment’ (25-27 February 2008), held in Sydney, Australia, generated significant media attention. The Summit was covered on at least four TV stations and almost every Australian national radio station.

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Coverage of the launch of the Grand Challenges in Chronic Non-Communicable Diseases, 21 November 2007

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Some necessary steps to promote a healthier lifestyle’, Financial Times (Asia), 24 October 2007

  • Letter from Stig Pramming about the importance of the CIH project.
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‘How fat became a weighty problem for corporate world’, The Observer, 9 September 2007

  • Article highlighting the costs of the obesity epidemic in the UK and how firms are taking action to combat the problem, citing Christine Hancock.
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‘Overweight staff can make your bottom line sag’, Financial Times, 1 August 2007

  • Letter by Christine Hancock about the benefit to employers, as well as employees, of providing workers with a good healthy diet.
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‘Slimming gum’, The Independent (online), 19 January 2007

  • Letter by Christine Hancock on the benefit of healthy lifestyles as opposed to chewing gum to suppress appetite
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‘Food for thought on obesity’, The Observer, 17 December 2006

  • Letter by Christine Hancock on the importance of lifestyle change.
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‘Communicating research: “Open space for health” to serve as global internet forum for dialogue, research’, Europa (European Commission website), 13 December 2006

  • Press release on as presented on the Europa website.
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Coverage of the OxHA report, Chronic Disease: An Economic Perspective (November 2006 onwards)

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Cape Town Summit coverage (20-22 November 2006)

  • Associated Press (online), ‘Africa faces growing obesity problem’, 29 November: click here >> to see the article, which was picked up by over 100 websites, including New York Times online, Forbes, CNN and CBS News
  • BBC World Service Radio, Health Check programme, 26 November (radio): click here >> for a link to the programme
  • Independent Online, South Africa (online), ‘Death not always inevitable’ : click here >> for a link to the article
  • For a list of the coverage of the Cape Town summit, click here >>

Brussels Youth Summit coverage (10 October 2006)

‘Future of the NHS’, The Guardian (Society section), 11 October 2006

  • Response by Christine Hancock to a column by Patrick Butler, noting that if we are to solve the great health challenge of chronic disease in the 21st century, we must focus on prevention rather than management or treatment.
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‘State still needs to have a place at the dining table’, Financial Times, 6 September 2006

  • Letter from Stig Pramming to the Financial Times, in response to an editorial on obesity.
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‘Blair makes U-turn on “nanny knows best” policy’, Daily Mail, 26 July 2006

  • Article about Prime Minister Blair’s speech on obesity and lifestyle, mentioning the participation of OxHA in the consultaiton process.
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‘Sundhedsvæsen for de raske’ [‘A health care system for the healthy’], Århus Stiftstidende, 8 June 2006

  • OxHA participates in launch of plan to position patients at the centre of the Danish health care system – a consumer-driven health care model.
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‘Wellness programs “can save money”‘, Business Report (South Africa), 25 May 2006

  • Article from online publication citing OxHA’s approach to the burden of chronic disease.
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‘Abbott lukewarm on obesity targets’, The Sydney Morning Herald, 3 December 2005

  • Report on a meeting attended by OxHA’s executive director in Australia
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