The OxHA monthly newsletter is emailed to our members and available to all online. The newsletter highlights OxHA developments, news from our network, as well as global stories of interest.

Newsletter 30 (June 2009)

In this issue, read about the OxHA Summit ’09, catch up on progress in the CIH teams worldwide, OxHA’s Big Lottery bid, and the launch of Bupa’s Healthy Work report on turning round the poor health of UK employees. The Project Spotlight is the Climate Pledge from the Climate and Health Council.

Newsletter 29 (April 2009)

OxHA is preparing for the 2009 Summit, which will be held in Oxford on 16 April. The summit will be covered on 3FOUR50, including on the video news (currently sponsored by the American Cancer Society). OxHA continues to work with business4Life – and has recently had a letter in support of the initiative published in The Lancet.

Newsletter 28 (February 2009)

This edition highlights a new website for Community Interventions for Health (click here >>), the Changing Diabetes Barometer International Seminar, and an OxHA event on ‘How food and beverage companies help improve population health.’ The project spotlight is the Global Corporate Challenge, a workplace health initiative that challenges teams of employees to walk ‘around the world’.

Newsletter 27 (December 2008) >>

OxHA is now producing newsletters six times per year. This edition features an update on the Community Interventions for Health initiative, including site visits. It also looks at OxHA’s continuing work with industry and on workplace health, and the project spotlight this month is the 14th WCTOH youth workshop on tobacco control to be held in 2009.

Newsletter 26 (Sept/Oct 2008) >>

OxHA’s major initiatives have been progressing over the summer, moving the Alliance from the development stage to an organisation focused on action, particularly around the Grand Challenges and CIH. The project spotlight this month is on the World Cancer Declaration of the International Union Against Cancer.

Newsletter 25 (August 2008) >>

Sara Karrar (interventions coordinator of OxHA’s Community Interventions for Health initiative) this month visited the Kerala CIH site, and OxHA’s director, Christine Hancock, had a productive visit to the United States. The Asia-Pacific network of OxHA continues to grow, and the Sydney Resolution has now been officially endorsed by the World Heart Federation.

Newsletter 24 (July 2008) >>

In June, OxHA and PepsiCo UK cohosted a successful dinner event in Oxford,  to discuss ‘Creating healthier workplaces, how can industry be part of the solution?’

Sara Karrar, the CIH interventions coordinator, visited sites in China and Mexico. The project spotlight is about the multimedia work of Joose TV at the recent WHO ministerial conference in Tallinn.

Newsletter 23 (June 2008) >>

This month OxHA board member Derek Yach was keynote speaker and at a WEF breakfast meeting at the World Health Assembly, OxHA continued to get some interesting media coverage, and OxHA presented at several high-level meetings, including a preliminary meeting for November’s Global Ministerial Forum on Research for Health to be held in Bamako, Mali.

The project spotlight this month is on the Global Battle Against Tobacco (G-BAT) 10×10 initiative.

Newsletter 22 (May 2008) >>

This month, the results of the successful first MEND pilot project in Denmark have been published. There have been several OxHA publications, including the text on chronic disease for a website focusing on international development (Eldis) and the OxHA Board and Executive Director recently wrote a comment on the new WHO Action Plan on NCDs.

The project spotlight this month is on a forthcoming Association for the Study of Obesity conference on obesity and the built environment.

Newsletter 21 (March/April 2008) >>

OxHA’s 2008 Annual Summit was held in Sydney, Australia, in February, culminating in the launch of a global call to action, the Sydney Resolution. Interviews and news videos were streamed daily from the Summit on 3FOUR50. OxHA also ran a one-day Forum on Healthy and Sustainable Cities, and held the inaugural workshop of the Young Professionals’ Network.

Publications this month include a piece on hospital food. The Project Spotlight in this newsletter is the Geneva Health Forum.

Newsletter 20 (January/February 2008) >>

Final preparations are taking place in OxHA for the sixth annual summit, which will be held in Sydney, Australia, where we are also holding (with Monday Morning) a forum on ‘healthy and sustainable cities’ and a workshop for the new Young Professionals Network. The project spotlight this month is the Queen’s Nursing Institute’s Nursing N° 1 Campaign.

Newsletter 19 (December 2007) >>

The Grand Challenges in Chronic Non-Communicable Diseases were published in Nature, in November. It is your last chance both to comment on the Sydney Challenge, and also your final opportunity to enter the Fit City competition if you are 27 or under! The Project Spotlight this month is Global Studio.

Newsletter 18 (November 2007) >>

This month we are asking for help with three projects – the Sydney Challenge collaboration (a global call to action on chronic disease prevention), the Fit City competition for young people, and a World Economic Forum survey of business leaders about employee health.

3FOUR50 now includes an interview with Sir Richard Doll >>, which has been featured on BBC World Service Radio.

Newsletter 17 (October 2007) >>

This newsletter highlights OxHA’s Community Interventions for Health research programme, which has this month received $5.2 million over three years from the PepsiCo Foundation, to fund four sites of the eight pilot sites. It also notes the imminent launch of OxHA’s ‘Fit City’ competition, in which young people will be asked to capture elements of their environment that they consider promote healthy living.

Newsletter 16 (September 2007) >>

This month looks particularly at developments on and and our work on chronic disease and our environment (the theme of the upcoming summit in Sydney, February 2008). The project spotlight is on a new report on heart disease in South Africa.

Newsletter 15 (August 2007) >>

The director of our health and the environment workstream, Tony Capon, visited London in July and held a number of useful meetings.

Currently, the OxHA website is hosting the request for proposals of the $15 million Ovations initiative to counter chronic disease in developing countries. This initiative is the Project Spotlight this month.

Newsletter 14 (July 2007) >>

More news on 3FOUR50, including the new-look 3FOUR50 video news service, which will be produced each week. OxHA has been involved in a number of high-profile events and publications, and the Project Spotlight is on MEND in London.

Newsletter 13 (June 2007) >>

OxHA is partnering in a major new chronic disease initiative being run by Ovations (a UnitedHealth Group company), and presented at a meeting of the project in the USA. The CAPCoD programme (now renamed Community Interventions for Health, or CIH) has been further developed this month, and a proposal for funding of pilot sites has been submitted.

And finally, a reminder to take the opportunity to register, join the network and participate on!

Newsletter 12 (May 2007) >>

This newsletter includes a meeting of the Community Action Project (CAPCoD) investigators in London – this is the action arm of OxHA; more news on the relaunch of; and information about the Urban Health Index.

Newsletter 11 (April 2007) >>

This month, OxHA held a seminar with WSP Environmental on ‘Healthy design’ and presented at the Spring Conference of the UK Conservative Party. We are involved in discussions with Ovations and the UK’s Business in the Community, among others. This newsletter also has the results of the OxHA marketing to children questionnaire, and the project spotlight is on Move Europe, the new initiative of the European Network on Workplace Health Promotion.

Newsletter 10 (March 2007) >>

This newsletter gives information on a series of discussions attended by our director on a recent visit to Japan and Australia. There is an update on the workshop on chronic disease prevention for the nursing profession in South Africa, and information on developments in the community action arm of OxHA (CAPCoD).The project spotlight is on the development of a city health profile in Dubna, Russia.

Newsletter 9 (February 2007) >>

This month, we are asking for your help in an OxHA survey on views on marketing to children. The newsletter also includes information about OxHA’s participation in the World Economic Forum at Davos 2007 and the redesign of The project spotlight is on an OxHA/ICN/DENOSA workshop in South Africa, to develop a model training programme for nurses to address the prevention of chronic disease in developing countries.

Newsletter 8 (December 2006/January 2007) >>

This newsletter includes information on our successful fourth Annual Summit (held in Cape Town, South Africa) and the launch of a major new web initiative, 3four50. We have published a new report on the economics of chronic disease prevention, and produced a paper on the importance of urban design in health. The project spotlight is on a diabetes prevention trial in South Africa.

Newsletter 7 (November 2006) >>

Final preparations are being made for the Annual Summit – in particular, around the online aspects of the event. An OxHA Youth Summit was held in Brussels, and many meetings with OxHA partners have taken place, including at major obesity-related events during a visit to the regional OxHA office at the AHPI in Sydney. The project spotlight this month is on the Grand Challenges in Chronic Non-Communicable Diseases.

Newsletter 6 (October 2006) >>

The October newsletter gives more information on the Cape Town summit, news of discussions with Cartoon Network and WEF, publicity surrounding OxHA over the past month, and two project spotlights (IC Health’s research facilitation process, and NYC’s healthy lifestyle projects).

Newsletter 5 (August/September 2006) >>

This extended newsletter includes: details of OxHA’s involvement in discussions with the UK Prime Minister’s Office on the future of public health; Advisory Board appointments; and the project spotlight is on HRIDAY-SHAN, a youth organisation in India.

Newsletter 4 (July 2006) >>

This newsletter reports on recent partnership opportunites, the summit taster is on ‘Creating change through young people’, and the project spotlight is on one aspect of the Isfahan Healthy Heart Initiative.

Newsletter 3 (June 2006) >>

June’s newsletter includes information on new partnerships, publications and web developments. There is also a summit taster, giving an idea of what can be expected by delegates in Cape Town in November – this issue highlights the role of the media.

Newsletter 2 (May 2006) >>

This newsletter includes information on the development of the five focus areas, including staffing, and visual communications around OxHA. There is also a reminder to members to register interest in the Cape Town summit by 2 June at the latest.

Newsletter 1 (April 2006) >>

Our inaugural OxHA newsletter is introduced by the executive director. It includes information on the five focus areas that will form the basis of our work in 2006, and highlights a new CD of OxHA videos 2003-2005. Regular features include a project spotlight and global headlines (the Alliance Alerts).