Youth, children & future health

The insights and enthusiasm of young people can change perceptions and lifestyles of future generations.

The role of young people and children in future health is one of the Oxford Health Alliance’s main areas of action.

The Area Goal for this workstream is:

  • Increase young people’s knowledge of lifestyle choices and chronic disease risks to a level of awareness comparable to that of global warming and HIV/AIDS. .

The overall objectives of the workstream are:

  • to encourage policymakers to incorporate the perspectives of young people when considering new initiatives; and
  • to work with young people to promote behaviour change around the three risk factors to their peers.

For more information, please contact Hester Rice [email].

Latest news: Young Professionals Network

The Young Professionals Network (YPN) is an initiative to engage young people from diverse sectors in working towards preventing and reducing the global impact of chronic disease. This is done through online forums and face-to-face workshops.

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Understanding the issues
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