Law & Health

Exploring the relatively untapped potential for the law and health policy to interact to modify chronic diseases determinants that are generated in the way we live – notably the broader physical environment and the workplace.

The ‘Law & health’  working group was initiated by the Asia-Pacific arm of OxHA in early 2007, and formally became one of OxHA’s principal workstreams in May.

The short-term area goal of the workstream is:

  • To develop a discussion paper on these issues to feed into the 2008 OxHA Summit.

Justice Terry Sheahan (president of the NSW Workers Compensation Commission) and Associate Professor Ruth Colagiuri (who also co-directs OxHA’s Asia-Pacific Regional Centre) are the co-convenors of the workstream.

Law and health policy Dialogues

Two ‘Dialogues’ on this subject have been held, in Sydney and Melbourne. The Dialogues bring together small groups of people with expertise in law, workplace health and urban design, to explore ways in which the law can be used to modify and ameliorate a range of workplace and environmentally determined behaviours and health risks.

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