Industry’s role in prevention

Prevention efforts by companies and industries can have a far-reaching effect on consumers and communities.


Industry’s role in chronic disease prevention is one of the Oxford Health Alliance’s main areas of action for 2006/2007.

The Area Goal for this workstream is:

  • Hold Oxford Dialogues to develop perspectives on corporate and industry roles and prospects for promoting healthy choices, and deliver partnership projects linked to programme areas.

Further details will be posted on this website in the near future.


Click here for a Summary Report of an Oxford Dialogue on Advertising & Sustainability, held the University of Sydney, Australia on 20 October 2008. The discussion was on ‘the meaning of sustainability to marketers and business – opportunities and risks’, and it was convened by A/Professor Ruth Colagiuri (University of Sydney) and Mr Collin Segelov (Executive Director of the Australian Association of National Advertisers).

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