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Economic Argument for Prevention

The costs of chronic disease are already vast, and without urgent action these costs will continue to increase.

The economic argument for the prevention of chronic disease is one of the Oxford Health Alliance’s main areas of action.

The Area Goal for this workstream is to:

  • deliver a decisive economic case for prevention to present to international and national health care funders and others.

Rachel Nugent is the project director.

In November 2006, OxHA produced a report, Chronic Disease: An Economic Perspective (Marc Suhrcke, Rachel A. Nugent, David Stuckler and Lorenzo Rocco), that demonstrates that chronic diseases – heart and lung disease, cancer and diabetes – are having a negative economic impact on both the developed and developing world and should thus be adequately addressed by domestic and international policy makers.

Click here >> for the Executive Summary and more information.

Click here >> for the Web-Annex to the report, which contains supplementary graphs and tables.

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