Who we are

Approximately 60% of deaths in the world today are due to four epidemic chronic diseases: diabetes, cardiovascular disease, chronic lung disease and some cancers. The burden of these diseases is not restricted to the developed world; 80% of deaths from chronic epidemic disease occur in developing countries. The premature death and incapacity associated with these diseases could be prevented by addressing the three major risk factors – tobacco consumption, poor diet and physical inactivity.

The Oxford Health Alliance (formerly Oxford Vision 20/20) was formed in 2003 as an alliance between the University of Oxford and Novo Nordisk A/C to foster a co-ordinated approach, involving all stakeholders, with the aim of preventing epidemic chronic disease by addressing the three major risk factors.

Who we are

The Oxford Health Alliance is based in the UK and administered from Oxford. Professor David Matthews acts as Executive Director, Pamela Dyson is CEO and Jonathan Rachman is a Senior Research Fellow. Professor Sir John Bell is Chair of the Board of Trustees, and the other Trustees are Professors David Matthews and Stephen MacMahon. A/Professor Ruth Colagiuri acts as Director of the Asia Pacific regional centre.

OxHA members from around the world include leading academics, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), activists, corporate and industry executives, patients’ rights advocates, health professionals and others, all of whom share a sense of urgency about the worldwide epidemic of chronic disease.

What we do

OxHA advocates and enables collaboration between experts and activists from a wide range of disciplines in order to raise awareness and change behaviours, policies and perspectives about epidemic chronic disease with the aim of promoting health at local, national and international levels. Our key achievements to date include:

* Raising awareness, advocating and debating at a series of annual summits
* Designing, implementing and evaluating cost-effective Community interventions for Health (CIH) which address the three major risk factors and that are adaptable to different cultures and communities
* Establishing a broad platform facilitating communication and debate (www.3four50.com)
* Facilitating the Global Alliance for Chronic Disease (GACD). (www.globalallianceforchronicdiseases.org)
* Policy and advocacy work with businesses and young people and in workplaces (www.C3health.org)

What you can do

OxHA welcomes support from all individuals interested in reducing the burden of chronic epidemic disease. Click here for details of the support OxHA receives, and how you or your organisation can help with our work.